Top 5 companies that offer healthy pack snacks

In the past few years, consumers and the world itself have been getting more concern about their health and the healthy food we’ve been consuming over the years. We didn’t pay much attention on what we were consuming, instead we focused on what tasted good. Now after the pandemic and the impact our health has been affecting how we approach to life, consumers want healthy food options. There are thousands of brands that now offer healthy food, from plant-based to gluten and sugar- free. Many promise they are made from sustainable elements that are good for the environment.

We have chosen just 5 companies that has delivered what they are promise, not are they somewhat accessible but they really taste as good as it says.


One of the co-founders Joe tells his story on how he was at a diabetic range and instead of accepting the doctors prescribe medication he took control over and decided to fix the root of the problem with a more holistic approach.

They offered soft baked keto cookies that taste just as good as regular cookies, they are chewy, soft and full of flavor. Using alternative ingredients such as almond flour and natural sugar alternatives Allulose and Monk Fruit which wont spike your blood sugar. Our personal favorite is the Birthday Cake.


The founder Arshad tells his story, when his son was two years old was diagnosed with autism and severe gastrointestinal issues. To help him with his recovery, they started to include a gluten free and dairy free nutrition program. After his son’s amazing recovery because of the plant-based nutrition program, Arshad decided he wanted to make convenient, grab-and-go snacks that would meet everyone’s nutritional needs. He has created snack free form the top 9 food allergens that nourish our body and soul. Our personal favorite is the Chocolate Coconut Bites that taste as good as an almond joy.

Siete Foods

Siete Family Foods was born when one of the the members suffered from a series of health challenges. She was diagnosed with multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions, always feeling fatigued, overweight and depressed. So that’s when she decided to adopt a low inflammatory, grain free diet and the whole family join her through her journey. That’s when they began creating healthy classic Mexican food elements such as grain-free tortilla chips. The not only taste amazing but they help curve that salty tooth with healthier ingredients. Our personal favorite is the Avocado Oil Potato Chips that taste even more delicious than regular packed potato chips.

Savor by Suzie

After the founder’s daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, celiac disease, and numerous other food intolerances in 2000, the whole family went grain-free. To find alternatives for the whole family she decided to create treats without any gluten, grains, GMOs, sugar, soy, dairy, nuts, or animal products. The perfect salty snack with tons of crunch and flavor, they have more flavor and crunchiness than regular snacks. Our personal favorite is the Sea Salt Grain Free Pretzels.

Eat Deux

They have created a brand that focused on functional foods that should taste as good as it looks. Creating edible and bake-able cookie doughs 100% vegan, gluten-free, made with high quality ingredients that are enhance with supplements like zinc, elderberry, aloe, and ashwagandha and so many more. Its so delicious you cant tell its healthy. Our personal favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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