Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes

What are some of the healthy goals you normally hear o tell yourself?

  • I want to feel good/active
  • I want to have more energy throughout the day
  • I want to be more mentally sharp
  • I want a flexible lifestyle
  • I want to accomplish more
  • I want to learn faster and better
  • I want to improve daily habits
  • I want to be and stay in good shape

Many of these phrases are achieved short term with dieting since it’s been shown to give the results you want, but let’s be honest, dieting for the rest of your life seems exhausting. What if I told you that all those healthy goals you want to achieve can be created for the long term? That’s the difference between dieting and making lifestyle changes.

Dieting regulates what we eat to improve our physical appearance especially to reduce obesity or excess body fat. While lifestyle changes give us control over how our diet changes and daily routine. It gives us the freedom to achieve long-term habits at our own pace, it encourages positive changes that are fundamental for our well-being.

How to change from dieting to creating lifestyle changes:

  1. Focus on the big picture. Which means putting all the pieces together: physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s important to understand how one complements the other and how each piece of the puzzle makes you feel.
  2. Set realistic goals. Have self-compassion, and don’t focus on being someone else, focus on being the best version you can be. Set goals you are willing to sacrifice for in the long term because every goal requires sacrifice and dedication, set your mind on things that are worth every day fighting for.
  3. Create a routine or action plan to help you achieve those goals. At first, you will have to be structured and set your mind on your goals. Once you master the technique you will not need a plan for those goals since it will be part of your habits.
  4. Make habits you can keep and start slow. Don’t make decisions based on what you want right now or what other people are doing. Create habits that you will enjoy and master in the long term. Be realistic about what you are capable to stick. There will be ups and downs down the road, learn to swap and create a plan. Building habits takes time so be patient, don’t try to get to the finish line quickly, give yourself time to build success and each day give what you can to get where you want to be.
  5. Find you, accountability partner. If it’s your husband, wife, partner, friend, mom, sister, etc.. find someone you can rely on and who has the power to push you and listen to your struggles. Don’t be afraid to talk about your struggles that’s what this partnership is for. If you can’t find one gives us a call, we can be the partner you need through your process!
  6. Change one behavior at a time. Changing what you are used to doing is hard so don’t try too hard to change all at once. Making lifestyle changes requires patience and lots of dedication. Focus on building one at a time so you can master it.
  7. Learn about balance. Everyone reacts differently when makings changes. Your body needs sometimes a break and don’t be afraid to take it. Give yourself the nutrients, healthy fats, and carbs your body needs. Give yourself a rest when your body is asking for it. Sometimes a break is a motivation we need to build sustainable lifestyle changes.
  8. Find you’re why. Remind yourself every day why you are doing those changes and set your mind on those goals. It’s the biggest motivation we need. Discover yourself throughout the process and celebrate the small and big steps you take.

“Goal setting is the secret to a compelling future.”

— Tony Robbins

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